Formalin II Plan

Start of construction of the second Formalin plan

The stages of launching and implementing the second Formalin production plan began at the location of Persia Zarrin Abnoos Formalin,Glue and Resin Company.

After completing the construction of the first Formalin plant in late 2020 and gaining new experiences in order to develop the company and complete development plans, as well as increase production capacity and employment and meet customer needs faster with emphasis on exports, construction and implementation The second formalin plant was also installed at Persia Zarrin Abnoos Formalin,Glue and Resin Company. The line is being built in the physical vicinity of the number one formalin production plant and, once commissioned, will more than double its Formalin and UFC production capacity. Since these materials and products have a very important role in providing raw materials for wood, cellulose, health and decorative industries, the launch of this line can provide significant assistance in this regard and boost domestic production .

The project will also provide direct employment capacity of 40 people and indirect capacity of 150 people, which, along with other plans of the company, direct employment capacity will reach more than 300 people.

Date : 2021/02/14
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